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What Do I Get My Mom For Mother’s Day? Part 1

19 Apr

Every Year It’s The Same Question…What Do I Get My Mom For Mother’s Day?5629202838_6789e17d6f_zSure a construction paper card works well when your 7 (and displays nicely on the coffee table)… but you’re older now, finally able to afford a “real” gift and you want to show mom that she rocks, so what should you buy? Now by all means you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a gift (unless you got money to burn). A Mother’s Day gift is all about creativity and thoughtfulness. Remember what they say? It’s the thought that counts, right? Ok… super cliché, but in this case it’s true!

A few things to ponder:

  • Make sure to think about what YOUR mom (not just any mom) would enjoy and actually use when planning your shopping list.
  • Is your mom Traditional? Quirky? Adventurous?
  • Does she really need another nick nak for the shelf? Let me restate that…Stay away from the nik naks!
  • Put some thought into and for goodness sakes, don’t wait till the day before!
  • P.S.- Are your reading this the morning of Mother’s Day? In a pinch, I grant you permission to whip out the construction paper card. Ha!

So let’s go! We will start with our list for the best TRADITIONAL gift ideas for your Momma. Coming later this week… Part 2 with more ideas for the non-traditional girl. (P.S. we love lists!):

Traditional Gifts Mom Will Love

Jewelry – A safe bet for all the husbands and sons out there. Diamonds are a girls best friends after all. The men in the family can’t go wrong with this purchase…if it’s shiny and you can engrave her name or a special message on it… then buy, buy, buy. Make sure you find an appropriate gift bag and add a little ribbon to it to complete this token of appreciation.6a00d8341c767353ef015390e5b662970b-800wi

Photo Albums – Customizing your own photo albums are always a hit with my mom and pretty inexpensive. I find pictures of her and I together and get them printed at the local CVS. I fill my favorite albums with the pictures of us and write a poem in the front expressing my undying gratitude for her many years of love and care. Brings tears of joy every time. : )

Framed Picture – If you don’t have enough photos on hand to fill a whole album, then downsize and stick to filling a frame instead.

Candles- This one is not the right choice for everyone. Some girls love to light candles, others love to look at them, and some use febreeze. I find that vanilla scented candles with a design or unique shape can be a good fit for any mama’s home. If you want to try a little harder buy a do-it-yourself candle kit and let the creative juices flow!

Massage or Spa Day– A little pricier option. Every girl likes to be pampered so a gift card to a local spa is no brainer. If there not a massage type of girl, they can get a pedicure, facial, or body scrub. A fun thing is to buy enough credit for her and a friend to go together or a mother/daughter date. If you’re not sure which spa your mom likes, check out where you can buy a gift card that works at many different locations.

Have you given a gift on Mother’s Day that you’re mom adored? Share with us in the comments below for all the Girls Talk Shop friends to enjoy.