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The Beauty of Sleepovers in Your 20’s

23 Apr

Sleepovers have got to be the #1 girl bonding classic. Kickin’ it old school with your best girlfriends is a great way to unwind, have some good old-fashioned fun, and doesn’t cost much.

What’s the beauty of having sleepovers in your 20’s?

  1. You’re old enough to drink alcohol (which makes everything more fun). If you are not big into drinking, substitute with milkshakes. Milkshakes are DELICIOUS…what more needs to be said?
  2. You’re not 30 yet, so the idea of a sleepover is not yet creepy. There is also more of a chance that many of your friends are not married or have children yet. Hurry and take advantage of this before the moment passes.
  3. You can all drive and have the freedom to go somewhere if you want.
  4. By this time most of your girls probably have some skills. Is one a hair stylist? Does one rock at nail flowers? Take advantage of these talents as part of your activities. It’s fun to learn something new.

Action Plan:

Step 1– Pick a time and place. Hopefully one of your girls is lucky enough to have her own pad. Cause just like when your twelve, parents are not wanted here.

Step 2– Have each girl commit to bringing something to share for the nights activities. Food, games, blankets, etc. This makes it easier on the host who is already strapped with having to clean her house for the festivities.

Step 3– Decide if you want to keep it traditional by stayin in the house all night or if you want to add in a pre-sleepover outing.

Step 4– Pick a good breakfast place for the morning after (Twiggs in North Park is the bomb). This gets everyone out of the house, on there way and saves your host from more clean up.

Sleepover checklist for your BFF’s:

  • Blankets & Pillows
  • Air Mattress- Sleeping on the floor is no longer the “bee’s knees”. If your host doesn’t have enough couches to go around bring your own bed.
  • Crazy Pajamas

Traditional Activity Checklist:

  • Order a Pizza and Munch on Junk Food
  • Watch Movies
  • Play Classic Board Games
  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • Gossip/Boy Talk
  • Drinking Games
  • Bake Something (Ex. Cookies) or Make Something (Ex. Vision Boards)
  • Crazy Pajama Contest (Hopefully with a chance to do a 7-11 run for a good laugh at your own expense). Don’t forget to snap a photo for some fun Instagram laughs the next day. P.S- No drinking and driving – not cool mmmkay?

Pre-Sleepover Outing Ideas:

  • Roller Skating – An awesome pastime that was all the rage in our youth. Go back in time at Skate World San Diego. It’s only $11 including skate rental. Tuesday Nights are Adult Only nights, but Friday and Saturday also brings a good crowd and are less intimidating than adult nights (some of those peeps are REALLY good, which = super fast). Bumpin’ jams and disco lights included. It’s fun for everyone, especially watching each other fall all over the place. Can be a great ice breaker and an experience to laugh about all night.
  • Swap Meet– Swap meets are awesome. You get to browse through tons of weird stuff to look at and you can practice your bargaining skills. Plus you get to play with all your new finds later that night. Kobey’s Swap Meet has free parking and is open -Friday through Sunday 7am-3pm.
  • Coffee House Concert- Try out Lestat’s. You can catch a low key concert, enjoy their coffee/teas/treats and they are open 24 hours so anytime is a good time.

Important Rules:

  • No Boys Allowed- Try to keep your activities more focused on each other. Save the bars and clubs for a different girls night out.
  • Let your Inner Child Shine- Just because you’re in your 20’s now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the corny stuff. It’s so much fun to be young and silly again. You can go back to being sophisticated tomorrow. : )
  • No Cell Phones- Take your eyes off the screen. Nothing is worse than 6 girls sitting in a circle all gawking at their phones.

Let us know your favorite Sleepover activities in the comments below…